Member of parliament
Van Hoëvell
10 November 1848

Stand up for the slaves!

Welcome to my forum! I’m baron Wolter Robert van Hoëvell. A few days ago I was elected for the Tweede Kamer; the Dutch House of Representatives. Before that I was a minister in the Dutch East Indies for over ten years. I saw with my own eyes how the locals were being exploited. The slaves in our other colonies, in Surinam and on the Antilles, are just as bad off. It can’t go on like this! This must be discussed!

Baron Van Hoëvell

The Hague, the Netherlands



King Willem III  17 March 1849
Not much response yet, Van Hoëvell ! But at least you still have a say. I’m king, but hardly anybody listens to me anymore these days. Even the colonies are under parliament’s rule now.



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