Ah, you really want to know! Well allright, I will give you two clues.

Mr Willem Bosman wrote about me in the year 1703. He was governor of the Dutch forts on the African west coast and he was in charge of the slave trade. One night he went to his room in Fort Elmina to rest. All of a sudden he saw a big hairy creature on the wall.

This was something rare, so I called for my deputy merchant and his assistants to come and see. We saw a long body with a pointed head, the body wider at the front than at the back, but not round, like most spiders. The legs were as big as human fingers. There were 10, hairy and as thick as a man’s little finger. The negroes call this spider Anansi. They believe he created the first humans.

Willem Bosman in the year 1703.

Two examples of a camel spider.