Slave trade in the Atlantic world

From economic triangle to Anansi's web

This educational website for secundary education has been developed by the Center for Historical Culture (Erasmus University Rotterdam). The website is the result of a project of the NWO-valorisation programm 'Alfa-Meerwaarde' (2011-2013: research leader prof. dr. M.C.R. Grever). It builds on results from the NWO research programm 'Heritage education, plurality of narratives and shared historical knowledge' (2009-2014: research leaders prof. dr. M.C.R. Grever / prof. dr. C.A.M. van Boxtel).






Project leader and editor
dr. Stephan Klein

Educational team
drs. Gundy van Dijk (Tropenmuseum, Amsterdam)
drs. Maria Karg (NiNsee/MiraKa Educatie)
dr.  Stephan Klein (Center for Historical Culture, EUR)  
drs. Daan Schuijt (history teacher at Fioretti College, Lisse)
drs. Judith Tadema (history teacher at St. Bonifatiuslyceum, Utrecht)

Advisory Board
prof. dr. Alex van Stipriaan Luïscius (Center for Historical Culture, EUR/Tropenmuseum)
dr. Frank Dragtenstein (NiNsee)
dr. Marijke Huisman (Center for Historical Culture,  EUR)
Ruth Fisher (former Program Manager Understanding Slavery Initiative, UK)

EUROCLIO (European Association of History Educators, The Hague)
Landelijk Expertisecentrum Mens- en Maatschappijvakken (University of Amsterdam)
Tropenmuseum, Amsterdam
NINsee (National Institute for the Study of Dutch Slavery and its Legacy, Amsterdam)

Image editing
Guy Lejeune

English translation
Laura Meershoek, Thalia Translations


LAB1100, The Hague
Frank Meijer (Tropenmuseum)

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